To You, Never Again -  New Album 2017





Kate Crash is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer, filmmaker, entertainer, writer and multimedia artist. 

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my friends are dying and I never look as good as I want

I'm wasting my time on the insignificant

I'm so exhausted I can't think straight or much

August always hits me like a pick up truck


I remember there weren't even flowers on his grave

just gun shots in the air to mark that final day

if he were still alive what would he say?

his last words were "you'll make it through ok"


out onto that crazy lost august night I was thrown

from my mothers screams into the world's stumbling arms

my father laughing with his drink and swearing at the sun

for not being there to shine on his final good thought


I get so tied up in my dreams I often forget to live

and then, I do, but all in one great, wild and free explosion

and people watching think I burn the brightest

but they don't see me most of the time - I'm collecting ashes


what is a way to sum up the wonder and the chaos?

that uncertainty - rat gnawing on the rope I tossed

to linger on this planet and keep me locked

into survival because the only other option is giving up